Here Are The Best Places To Find Free Web Templates

When starting off with a website, finding a template that fits your business and style is important for not only you but the end-users that will be visiting this site regularly. If you’re unsure which place to find the best template at an affordable price, free is the best; then I highly recommend these sites listed below. Happy searching!

With various categories to browse through, there is a high chance that you will find the template that will work for whatever company you’re promoting. With over 200 templates to choose from each template is placed n a category or defined by a particular keyword that will direct you to the template that will suit your needs.

There is also a blog located on the site that helps you answer any questions and give you various perspectives of what other people used on their projects, which could give you new inspiration when creating yours.


This readily available and user-friendly site is perfect for a simple layout. Although there isn’t much of a selection but the ones provided are well put together and will get the job done. This site focuses on the basic visuals that are easy to manage and use to the consumer.

There is a blog available to all users that need to compare templates or require assistance in regards to following a particular color scheme or design to maximize optimization for your profile as a whole. One of the more simple and easier sites to use that will get the job done if you’re looking for a more basic type of template without spending any money.


This more modern site features live demos, mouse over previews and quick, easy downloads that help with template installation and understanding of improving one’s webpage. Obtaining medium sizes in the model collection, there is an option to view the most popular templates as well as the oldest templates that have been available since the beginning.

Having a variety of older and newer versions give you a more general sense of how far templates have come, giving you the option to choose your personal preference on which style you were going for.



This site promotes the idea that there is a design for everyone which can be very useful when it comes to an original template. Instead of using a specific one that is already made this site allows you to add your own personal preferences on some of the details for the site.

This site also obtains useful thumbnails and live previews. The templates provided include a broad range of styles and layouts from different designers giving this site a unique approach to enhancing one’s personal web page.

This open source web design offers numerous amounts of free templates starting with the option of color scheme’s right away. Starting off with major decisions helps the process go a lot smoother, and the layout of this website helps you get started promptly.

A blog is also available with some helpful tips and information when trying to expand a business via online

Learn more about the best free templates from the video below!